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Wood fired pizza oven: Why people like the pizza oven?

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Everyone like eats delicious pizza in NY, America, there are so many pizza restaurants here, Especially in New York! For a family, If you have a stainless steel pizza oven in a party, that's an honor to the owner. It's not a thing but a culture, When your father cooks a pizza for their kids, The children will remember will remember the taste and they will cook it for their kids. Therefore, It's very important to have a pizza oven. What's pizza oven fits for the family?

Stainless steel pizza oven can be made to be large and put it outdoor, Sometimes, It can be made to be very small in your room. That's very different from a traditional oven, Stainless steel oven is convenient and multifunction. Especially popular in America! The outdoor pizza oven is very popular in America, People will choose a good oven for their family. A stainless pizza oven is very special, Customers will choose the below reasons to buy it!
1. The price.
2. The size, Medium and large is popular.
3. Convenience.
4. Heat preservation is good.
5. Bake a delicious pizza by the oven

And, how about a brick pizza oven? What's pizza oven fits for a family? Brick or Stainless Steel? Let's compare both. Traditional brick and clay pizza oven is very heavy and need a large space to post, Let's watch it from technology and utility.

Brick pizza oven technology needs people who know framework and heat even physics, Firstly, you need to buy a brick from store/online shop, It's the best way to buy it in Amazon.com, ebay.com is ok. Purchasing brick and clay is an easy and basic step. However, Only a few people have the knowledge to build a pizza oven...That's is expensive to hire a master to do it in NY! Otherwise, someone wanna buy a pizza oven on an online shop/local store, Is it possible? Of course, when you walk into a local pizza oven store, you'll find very very expensive. It's the same as what you buy in the online shop...Just cheaper than a local shop.
Brick Pizza Oven
How about brick and clay pizza oven utility?

1. Space
Brick pizza oven occupies a large space in the yard, you can't move it because it combined with the ground. By the way, It's keeping standing out of the room, lived through wind and rain hit in summer, It will be very fragile when winter comes.

2. Price
If you build it by yourself, It's not expensive. But if you're a consumer, It will spend a lot of money.

3. Surface
The brick surface can be painting colorful which you want on condition that knows what's thermology. From nature, people like traditional designing in NY that named vintage.

4. Conveniences
The fixed brick pizza oven can't be moved, You have to build an awning in order to protect it from rain and snow. That means you need to pay the awning cost.

What's advantage stainless steel pizza oven has? Metal color seems popular and fashion, You will consider it as a silver train when you look pizza oven. That sounds good, Right? Let us compare the technology and utility.

1. Space
Outdoor wood burning pizza oven size is the same as a brick oven, Maybe a little small. This kind of pizza oven burn wood not use gas and electric, you can bake a delicious pizza by fire. Let's see below oven information.
Material:Stainlees Steel
Size: 120cm x78cm x 206.5(H) cm
Cooking Area Size: 95cm*65cm
Cooking Pizza Quantity One-time: 3 - 4
Wheels: 4pcs (removable)

2. Price
Shaokoo outdoor wood-fired pizza oven retail price is range from $1300 - $1450 free shipping in NY, You can contact us! There're also so many different styles for the customer, 2 years guarantee and free exchange. Go shopping in www.shaokoo.com

3. Surface
The silver metal surface under sunshine showed high-class and texture, Due to the material is metal, you only paint one kind of color on the surface.

4. Conveniences
It's very suitable as a backyard pizza oven because of 4 wheels, You can move it everytime that you want. Time always passes quickly, please don't miss baking enjoyment with your family! Choose stainless steel pizza oven is nice!
Mini Stainless Steel Wood Pellet Pizza Oven
Of course, you can also learn about Uuni 3 small pizza oven. Uuni 3 is very popular in Amazon.com because of shape and price, However, You only can bake a pizza in the oven one-time, So if you have a party, that's not suitable for you because many people need to wait, That's very hungry! Burning wood pellets is not cheaper than wood. Otherwise, Have you found the height of the oven? Maybe you only bake flat food... Vegetable pudding/ A big meat is very difficult to insert in the pizza oven. About the shape of Uuni 3, It's very creationary.

After eating time, How to clean a pizza oven? It's easy to clean stainless steel wood burning pizza oven, Firstly, Sweep burnt material, Secondly, Wipe surfacing of the oven by a duster. It will be a new stainless steel wood fired pizza oven.

In short, What's the best pizza oven for home? Maybe you have an answer in your heart. No matter the price, Just enjoy cooking for your family. And We believe Shaokoo can fully meet your various needs.

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