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Real Truth About How Grilling Started And Good Grill Book About BBQ

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If you want to know where barbecue and barbecue grill come from, you should look at the following blog.

The May weekend approaches with great strides, and with it the barbecue season. This form of spending free time has become very popular in Poland. It's enough to make it warmer outside, and you can sense the rising smell of grilled dishes. Few people have never participated in this "ritual" :). Did you ever wonder where the grilling came?

The Romans left the first documented tips and recipes for grilling. Particular merits in this field were Marek Gawiusz, the best known culinary writer in Rome (14-37 AD).

Grilling popularised sea expeditions from the time of great geographical discoveries - on the ship the grill was the only way to prepare hot dishes. Columbus himself tasted in grilled fish and turkey, which he was served after arriving in the New World. In the Caribbean, meat was roasted on a grate constructed of bones or branches - such scaffolding was called "barbacoa", from which the name "barbecue" probably appeared.
Grilling in the modern sense diy bbq grill, meaning using a special device for this purpose, became popular after the Second World War. At that time, the American middle class began to go out of the city on a mass scale to spend free time in the open air. In the beginning, flat and unprotected barbecues reigned supreme. The inventor of the traditional semicircular grill is George Stephen, a welder at Weber Brothers Metal Works, who, dissatisfied with the available devices, came up with the idea of placing the grate in a steel hemisphere with a lid and attaching three steel legs to it. This shape very quickly became popular and still leads in our gardens to this day. Weber bbq grills is a real barbecue revolution.

It can say that no Romans did not have a barbecue, and no Webber brothers did not have a variety of grills on the market today. It is they who have changed our lives, made our lives full of joy, and turned this pleasure into everyday life. In fact, our Barbeq brand has a variety of different styles of bbq grill stoves to meet your needs on separate occasions.

Who else is grilling except the Americans and us? And what else grills except for bbq grill Weber? Maybe you know? And, you know some grilling books about bbq? It's necessary to know that.
December is the time when it takes us a lot of time to think about what to buy for our loved ones as a Christmas present. Do you have a barbecue enthusiast at home who suffers from a lack of experience in the winter?
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If it's not grilled in the winter, it's hard to buy it as a gift new bbq grill tool set - it will only strengthen longing for summer and autumn. It's a good idea for a fan to grill a barbecue game that will whet your appetite for the next season (or even encourage you to make a barbecue party in the winter in the snow!) We've looked at over a dozen bookstores and selected the best grilling books.

1. Jamie Oliver's Food Tube. Crazy grill. 50 amazing recipes that will change your grilling (Insignis Media 2015)
Published this year, a book signed by the popular in Poland Jamie Oliver, a collection of 50 recipes for grills belonging to the star of Food Tube DJ BBQ Christian Stevenson. His specialty is juicy, big steaks and fast-made dishes. The book will also include several bbq grill recipes for unique sauces. The book is not big, but it's meaningful!

2. Eleonora Trojan "Domestic product. Barbecue Grill"
Grilled desserts? With this book it's possible. In addition to the provisions, the grilling fan will find here a practical guide on the time and manner of preparing various types of meat and a bit of grilling history.
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3. Steven Raichlen - "GRILL Steven Raichlen advises"
The book published more than 10 years ago (Muza, 2003) is still available on online auctions and can be found in bookstores by accident. It is a tasty morsel for all beginner barbecue champions who will even learn how to make a whole pig.

4. Grill it with Levi: 101 Reggae Recipes for Sunshine and Soul
A book for seasoned gourmets who love Caribbean flavors and like reacting. This is not a steak book. It's a completely different x bbq grill! This is a book about calypso burgers with tropical sauce or chicken in molasses. Unusual, exquisite dishes in a very tropical setting. Shake that Reggae Reggae Sauce!

Good recipes are matched with good custom bbq grill to bake the most delicious and tempting foods.

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