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Eight BBQ Mistakes And 5 Tricks About Cleaning BBQ Grill

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Barbecue is a relaxing and wonderful thing. But we should learn about some precautions at the same time to make bbq more healthy. So, how to start a bbq grill?

1. Stay away from cheap meat
Yes, the temptation is admittedly great to buy the cheap meat. But as a good host, you should already pay attention to the quality and origin of the meat. Organic meat is to be preferred.

2. No dripping grease in the embers.
Either with an extra grease trap or with planks, grilled stone, slate or plant leaves (rhubarb, cabbage, chard, etc). Drain marinades well, do not prick into grilled food and use lean meat.

3. Do not use toxic barbecue lighters
Chemical grill lighters can be carcinogenic and stink to the sky. The environmental balance also looks bad. Just try it with brushwood and wood shavings (available at the hardware store). Also a chimney and off is the Lutzi.

4. Do not deglaze with beer
That was cool 20 years ago. Today it is known that quenching with a beer can lead to carcinogenic polycyclic hydrocarbons. We do not want to be spoilsports, from carcinogenic. So you better drink your beer, then at least you know what you're dying for.
5. Do not use cold-pressed oil to marinate
Yes, it certainly looks good if you use the sinfully expensive olive oil pulley, but the smoke - or the burning point of cold-pressed olive oil - is already around 130-175 ° C. Use rapeseed or peanut oil. Healthier, tastes good and a little cheaper.

6. Do not turn your flesh dizzy
Sure you can see if it's already charred from below, but the constant turning does not make it any better. Grilling, turning ... well two more turns, but then it's good. Otherwise, the meat juices will still be dizzy.

7. Give the meat the time it needs
There are some ways to get a well-grilled piece of meat. Some make it with 800 ° C; the others bathe it first in 60 ° C hot water. No matter which path you choose, let the meat relax a little. (For the last time RELAXATION). No, you do not need to do that with sausages.

8. Meat is good, fish and vegetables as well
Gone are the days of funny vegetable skewers with zucchini and tomato. It still tastes good to one or the other today, but the modern vegetarian grill kitchen offers a lot of sophistication. Simply scour mall recipes and be inspired. That's healthy and sustainable.
Movable Large Square Charcoal BBQ Grill Smoker
Except knowing how to bbq on a charcoal grill, a top 10 best bbq grills are also very important. Learn more bbq grill ideas and you will eat better.

After that, you must know how to clean the bbq grilsl. Of course, We'll Teach you the following 5 cleaning tricks about how to do it.

What means do we get the grid clean again afterward? The cleaning portal knows the 5 most exciting facts and most helpful bbq grill cleaning tips around the grill. For would you have known ...

1. How a potato cleaning a bbq grill easier?
The potato has the same effect as oil but is not flammable and therefore harmless. Simply heat the grill, halve the tuber and prick it with a fork. Rub the warm grate with the flat potato side. The heat removes starch from the tuber, which creates a non-stick coating. So the steak-turning is easy from the hand!

2. An onion provides a sparkling rust?
For the whole barbecue fun, the subsequent cleaning should not be completely sausage! Halved and skewered, an onion forms the perfect rust cleaner. Important here: The rust should still be hot! By vigorous rubbing, you remove the crust easily. Great side effect: The Wunderknolle has a disinfecting effect and even removes invisible dirt!
3. Should that coffee not be missed during the barbecue?
Stop! Do not throw away the coffee grounds directly after the Sunday breakfast. Because similar to sandpaper this brings the grill back to its former glory. Simply place the coffee residue on a sponge and rub the grill with it. Then only rinse with warm water - and your barbecue shines like new again!

4. Is that grass better than any rag?
Wet times for the filthy grill: Just place the grate on the nearby lawn overnight. Moisture and dew will dissolve stubborn dirt overnight. The next morning remove the soaked soot with a rag - and the next barbecue can come!
5. Must your barbecue be in a special location?
Just because the season is over, you should not leave your barbecue in the rain! Be very careful when cleaning, because: Especially ash absorbs moisture and causes the bbq grills to rust faster. Soak barbecue utensils, lids, and other removable parts in a mixture of detergent and water for 2-3 hours - then scrub with a sponge and dry thoroughly. Place the grill in a dry place in the basement - put the box or bag over it and wait for the next BBQ season!

Knowing how to clean bbq grill will make your barbecue easier and happier more enjoyable. Just remember these!

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