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Outdoor BBQ Grill: Barbecue and Grilling

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It was in the United States that a fashion for barbecue parties was born with outdoor bbq grill.

So what is the difference between barbecues and grilling? This custom came to us in the early 90s on the wave of political changes and the opening of our borders to the West. Since then, grilling has become almost our national sport, and most of us, if only has a free moment and the weather is favorable, moves with the table to the fresh air.

In the US, the grilling tradition has its loyal and devoted fans. Beef reigns in Texas and Kentucky, while in the states of Louisiana, Missouri, or Alabama pork is considered the best deals on bbq grills. In Poland, on the other hand, we "throw" everything on the grate. Remember, however, that in the West these two words mean primarily ways of making meat, and the difference is huge. It is in the temperature.

Barbecue means baking meat at a fairly low temperature - from 100 ° C to a maximum of 130 ° C. It is baked for a long time and requires more patience from the participants of the meeting. The word barbecue itself comes from an Indian barbacoa, which means slow meat burning over hot coals. Grilling, in turn, involves fast baking of meat, which is arranged directly over the coal, is ready within a dozen or so minutes. The temperature varies from 200°C to 260°C. Thanks to this, the meat is well baked outside, and in the middle, we find it juicy and soft.

As verbs, these two words ( grilling vs bbq ) mean toasting, toasting and grilling, and their use depends on the method of cooking that was mentioned earlier. In addition, barbecue also means a barbecue party in the open air, that is outdoor bbq grills. In American English, we can also call it a grilled dish. The grill is, in turn, the name of the metal part on which the meat is baked, i.e. grate or spit (in American English, we can use the word broiler in this sense, in the British English grill functions as the name of the dish).

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It is worth remembering that during holiday trips not to offer foreigners a barbecue, but just a grilling using outdoor bbq grill. The ground is to be well understood.

Of course, we all know Americans love ribs. For their juiciness, delicacy, unique taste. There is no real barbecue without grilled ribs. The ideal ribs just melt in the mouth, have the characteristic grill-smoky aroma, are expressive in taste, slightly sweet from caramelized bbq sauce, and their delicate meat is easily bitten away from the bone.

Interestingly, Americans distinguish several types of ribs - the ribs closer to the spine of the animal and those away from it, that is, the more down the animal carcass - the so-called spare ribs. The latter is also divided into central ribs and tips.

Before preparing the ribs, you have to wash them very carefully, because there can be pieces of bones left after cutting in the meat. Then, you must clean them from the mud and excess fat. However, do not remove all the fats, because it gives juiciness and the characteristic taste of the meat. After preparing the meat, American masters of grilled ribs dry them with a paper towel, abundantly cover with salt and season with a favorite set of spices. Depending on your preference, they can be spiced dry in spices for a few dozen hours, or in a liquid marinade.

The classic ribs are grilled for a few hours on a warm fire with added wood to give them the characteristic smoky aroma. At the very end - when they are soft and ruddy - the meats to bbq on the grill are greased with bbq sauce and they are thrown into a live fire for a moment so that sugar could caramelize - one of the basic ingredients of bbq sauce – providing the unusual American flavor. However, it is important not to melt the meat when grilling with bbq sauce, and just smear the meat with it on the top – the special kitchen brush is perfect for it. A suitable charcoal bbq grill is also important, right?

Since the beginning of Whiskey in the Jar, grilling bbq ribs have enjoyed unending success and guests may often come back to us just to have them. We may serve them on a board, aromatic and juicy. Their secret lies in the unique mixture of spices in which they are pickled and in the meat that we bring from a proven supplier. Thanks to that, the meat is perfectly balanced in terms of the proportion of lean meat to fat. At the end of grilling, we brush them with the classic bbq or hot sauce - prepared on the basis of dried tomatoes and chili.

That's the barbecue method of grilled bbq ribs and something between barbecue and grilling. Let’s have a try!

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