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Heavy Duty BBQ Grill: How To BBQ in Winter Or The Garden

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For a true barbecue enthusiast, staying for a few months in the winter without your favorite steak and grilled vegetable bbq can be torture. Fortunately, in winter you do not have to give up grilling! All you need is a good barbecue and a few rules to keep grilling even on the snow.

1. Grilling in winter only undercover

In winter, forget about the traditional open grill. Apart from the issues of falling snow, grilling without cover does not allow the meat to mature and makes it roast unevenly and for a long time (and often does not come out at all). If you want to grill in winter, it is necessary to have a barbecue with a lid. Also an outside bbq grills. By reflecting the temperature and setting the air in the interior of the grill in a whirling motion, the meat is baked at an even temperature (as in a convection oven).

2. Plan the time to heat the grill

Winter not only the lighting of the grill can be a bit more difficult (when using a wood burning bbq grills ), but also the heating time of the grill is slightly longer. Take this into account so that you do not put products on the grill too quickly! Before that, please know about how to use the charcoal bbq grill.

3. Control the grilling temperature

When cooking in winter, the right temperature is very important. How do you make sure that you do not open the lid too often? The solution is meat thermometers. We especially recommend the electronic model with LED backlight - in winter it gets dark quickly and thanks to the backlight, the temperature is always under control.

4. Prepare the path to and from the grill

Apart from the situation when you have a sheltered gazebo and heaters at your disposal, grilling in winter is most often consumption at home. Make sure that the path to and from the grill is cleared of snow and secured. After all, you do not want to be accidentally slipping, all the hard-boiled steaks have landed on the ground!

So do you know how to do it after reading this blog? With a heavy duty bbq grill and the four tips above, you will achieve it! At the same time, do you know how to choose a barbecue place in the garden?

Garden Removable Barrel Charcoal Barbecue Grill

In the upcoming picnic, many of us will officially start the barbecue season. Owners of single-family houses can especially enjoy garden parties. However, before you start the fire under the grate and prepare delicacies for friends and family, it is worth planning a place for a barbecue. We'll advise you how to do it.

Choosing a place

In the first place, we must choose a place that will be a barbecue. This is especially important if you plan to mount a brick grill or a special platform for a foldable portable bbq grill. Remember that each location has its pros and cons. A reasonable solution would be to place the barbecue at a considerable distance from the house, preferably among bushes and trees, so that time spent with loved ones would pass in a pleasant atmosphere surrounded by nature. On the other hand, placing dishes or products on the grate can be uncomfortable and troublesome.

When the grill is standing near the building or on the terrace, strong smells will get into the interior, and we will not use the full charm of the garden. A good solution may be to build a gazebo slightly away from the building, but not at the end of the plot. We will be able to comfortably lightly shelter, and the object itself planted with flowers and herbs will be an additional element of the garden decoration.

Best Large Charcoal BBQ Grill with Offset Smoker

Selection of equipment

Currently, as far as equipment is concerned, we have great possibilities and it is only up to us and our needs that the grill will stand in the garden. On the market available coal, gas, and brick grills. The most popular are bbq on charcoal grill, although they can cause problems when lighting or stain your hands. This model is also a risk of very aromatic smoke, which some people love, others may disturb. The alternative is a brick grill, but for him, we have to choose one permanent place. If we have a large garden and a place for eye-catching furniture or a gazebo, charcoal barrel bbq grills will be the perfect complement to the arrangement of the plot.

When we want quick lighting and functionality, we can choose a gas top bbq grill. At any time, for example in the event of rain or after a finished party, we can move it to any place, it does not emit a specific smell, and the person who is using bbq gas grills will not get dirty. Have you learn something from the article?

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