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Fire Pit BBQ Grill: How to Choose And Use

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The fire bowl, the cheap tool for the garden. Differences in models, handling and grilling tips.
A fire bowl is basically nothing exciting, but there are so many versions of this device that a small overview certainly does not hurt. Since a fire bowl is needed for many purposes, such a part is recommended for every garden owner.

Construction and construction of the fire bowl
A fire bowl is, as the name implies, a bowl in which a fire is kindled. Why do you need a bowl for that? So that the soil is protected and the fire cannot spread, Here is already a serious difference between the low-cost model and the high-quality fire bowl. While the inexpensive is made of raw, untreated steel, the higher value was made of stainless steel.

The fire bowl in practice
For heating up, there is not much to say. Crumple up the paper and put it in the bowl. Wood on it, kindle, done. Here, however, shows the size difference and we like the shell with the larger diameter here better. It can also be larger pieces of wood without problems placed in the shell.
Steel Fire Pit BBQ Grill with Folding Legs
One thing is clear, however, the fire bowl does not protect the underlying ground from the fire one hundred percent. Since there are air holes in the shells due to their design, smaller pieces of embers fall through these holes on the ground and burn them. These fire bowls are therefore not suitable for making a fire in the forest. It must always be paid attention to the appropriate underground. But there are also fire bowls with a second floor under the first, which seem more suitable.

We had both bowls in the open air and so it has been shown that the cheaper shell begins to rust relatively quickly. Although this does not affect the function, it does not look pretty. If that bothers you, you should grab the Shaokoo Brand stainless bbq grill bowl here.

A combination with the swing grill
Once the fire has burned down, you get a nice white heat, on which it is wonderful to grill. The problem is only the missing grill grate. Some manufacturers have already recognized this deficiency and also offer fire bowls with a bbq grill grates. But we test both without such construction and that gave us a handicap. The solution was a tripod, which we placed over the bowl and to which we attached the grill. We, therefore, believe that the fire bowl can be wonderfully combined with a wood burning bbq grills.

Of course, which fire pit bbq grill to buy and how to use are essential when buying. We will teach you something at the following.
Stainless Steel Round Fire Pit
In addition to the general grill, there is the same common fire pits bbq grills in our life. There are some suggestions for all of you to choose and use.

Two important things to know
1.The right material- stainless steel ( It tolerates more cold / heat, you can even cook with coals in it)
2.The right size (most choose a diameter of 60 to 70 cm)

Can you run a fire bowl in the garden?
The fire has always fascinated many people. We belong to it! In addition to the warmth, the light, and the fantastic atmosphere, the fire also serves us for the preparation of food. There are a few things to keep in mind:

May I kindle an open fire in my garden? If so, what do I have to consider? Basically, yes, you can make a fire in your garden. There are, however, specifications. Probably the most important concerns the fuel used.
In case of doubt ask the public order office of your community or a lawyer of your trust again.

You should also comply with these additional rules:
1. Do not unleash an open fire near thatched-roof houses!
2. Choose a safe location, such as a level lawn or even better a flat stone surface.
3. Always supervise the fire. This is true until the extinction of the embers.
4. Keep extinguishing agent ready (sand or water).

What else do you need besides your fire bowl? And what not.
From our point of view, it should always be clear what concrete benefit an accessory brings. Some accessories are indispensable.
Steel BBQ Grill Fire Pit Bowl for Backyard Patio
Grill gloves
If you want to enjoy not only romantic evenings with your fire bowl but also cook or barbecue, then you should get you grill gloves. The handling of grill grate, kettles, pots and pans you manage much more comfortable.

You always leave your fire bowl outside? Don't you afraid to damage the bbq pit grill? Then buying a cover makes sense. The cover protects the material of your fire bowl from permanent exposure to weathering. Even if you place the fire bowl on a regular basis, the cover can also protect you.

Do you have a pot or a grill with the possibility of hanging, you can use a tripod to fix the pit bbq grille. Its principle, you know for sure from the swing grills. The advantage for you: You can regulate the distance to the embers and thus the heat infinitely.

Alternatively, you can buy a pot that brings his feet right away. That's the way it is a Dutch Oven. You can also place pots and pans on a grill grate, which you place on or above the fire bowl. ShaokoO fire pit bbq grill can completely satisfy you and have capital bbq grills prices.

You see, there are plenty of accessories for your fire pit bbq grill. Do you get that?

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